Average Kid becomes Creative Real Estate Investor that Helps Families Become Homeowners
Written by Cam Rowland on Sept. 1, 2017
This average kid grew up to be a creative real estate investor who now helps families achieve home ownership.

Early Years 
Growing up, just outside of Vancouver, I was just an average kid. As an average student in school, I barely scraped by with C’s.  

But even then I loved working with people. And I love coming up with creative solutions for people’s problems. 

I hit a crossroad in my life after working for a nonprofit / church for 17 years. 

I served as a youth pastor, then worked at their graduate school. And later became one of the senior staff at the denominational headquarters. 

You know that heavy feeling when you’ve stayed in one place for too long? I felt it was time to move on, even if I still believed in the church’s message. I had to prioritise my personal well-being.

Getting Started in Real Estate
After that, I got into real estate, and it became my driving passion.

I had been interested in real estate for many years. My father-in-law was into it as well. 

In 2006, my wife and I finally bought our first property. I started my own company where I bought and held a house / duplex / triplex one at a time. 

But I wasn’t satisfied with the income. How could I be? It was nowhere near my income goal. I couldn’t live off the revenue because it just wasn’t enough.

Learning about Lease Options / Rent To Own
It was when I started doing the lease options that I generated enough cash flow to the point that I could live off the revenue. What a blessing it was to learn about Lease Options / Rent To Own. 

That was the big break that I had been waiting for. Compared to the Buy and Sell business model, it generated more cash flow per deal. And faster! 

Helping Others and Supporting My Family 
I find it crazy cool to work on this new Real Estate thing, and still use my underlying gifts: working with people and creative problem-solving. I’m grateful to be helping investors achieve outstanding returns and helping families become homeowners.

Looking back at the last 17 years and beyond, these were the things that gave me so much joy and satisfaction. 

In the six years that I’ve focused on the Rent to Own strategy: 

1. I have helped over 40 families take serious steps towards home ownership through our Rent to Own program; 

2. My unique strategy made it possible for me to control over $10M in real estate assets. That's with none of my own money, and without having to qualify for a bank mortgage; 

3. Using none of my own money, I have built an amazing business that supports my family. And this business is building our dreams! Dreams of providing a great life for our children, and being able to travel and to give back more.

Sure, there have been bumps along the way. And I had to do a lot of hard work. But we all know overnight success happens only in 10 years, right?


Cam Rowland

Cam Rowland helps investors . He is an expert at helping Real Estate Investors generate outstanding cash flow, with little/no money down. If you're interested in trying this unique investment strategy or scaling up and expanding your real estate investing experience, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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