How I Acquired Over 40 Homes in Under 5 Years Without Spending My Own Money 
Written by Cam Rowland on September 9th 2017
Getting Started with the Rent to Own Strategy
A friend in Edmonton who had been doing the Rent to Own strategy taught me the basics of that strategy. 

I had been studying real estate investing strategies for about 2 years and wanted to take the plunge into this strategy. I believed that this could be a good strategy to quit my day job and go full board into real estate investing. 

I had bought 3 properties with very little money down, through vendor financing. My friends had been watching me and told me they wanted in on the action, that they’d like to invest with me. That’s how it all started! 

How It Works 
What’s great about the Rent to Own strategy is that it increases cash flow, lowers expenses and has a built-in exit strategy. 

Here’s how it usually goes: This is an excellent strategy if you own a property, like a single family home, and you want to increase the cash flow, lower your expenses and sell it directly to your clients in 1-5 years. My unique strategy on this is that I got other people to partner with me to either buy the home for me, hold the mortgage or willingly give me the keys to their home. All to do a Rent to Own with end user clients who want to have a home that they can call their own. This is how I acquired and held over $10 million worth of property in 5 years, using other people's money. 

I advertised on the local Craigslist and Kijiji sites, looking for a client who wanted to get into home ownership (but cannot yet qualify for a bank mortgage). I also looked for a house that would work for these clients. Fast forward, I found a house that had equity and an upside and my friends bought the house for me (with clear contracts in place – more about that later). 

After that I qualified Rent to Own clients and they put $20,000 down (usually its between $5k-$20k) and paid me $1,400 every month with a set purchase date (3 years out) and a set purchase price. They also agreed to look after any repairs on the house up to $500 (for each instance). 

I paid my friends $1200 each month for rent and they were happy with that as it paid all of their monthly expenses and put $100 in their pocket. 

Win-win Situation for Everyone 
It was all good, and I thought to myself, “Hmmm, can I duplicate this process?” 

If I used other people’s money and their ability to qualify for a mortgage, there is no end to the possibilities. 

The more I do this Rent to Own strategy, the more these homes and clients come to me. It’s the powerful law of attraction at work. I have investors who now call me up to say that they want to buy some homes and put them into my program. These investors absolutely love it because they get the benefits of owning a property without the headaches of being a landlord. With the added benefit of having a built-in exit strategy. 

I typically work with new and advanced real estate investors to help them generate new income and maximize their real estate investments. 

It’s a win-win-win situation, the property owner, the tenant, and for me. I service property owners with distressed properties and tenant problems, taking the problem off their hands. At the same time, I get to help the tenant become a homeowner. 

Now, many doors later, people ask me on a regular basis to teach them about this creative real estate strategy: "How do I buy a house with no money down?” 

That's when I decided to start CREATIVE INVESTOR, to help real estate Investors buy as many single family homes as they want with little or no money down, to generate outstanding Cash Flow. 


Cam Rowland

Cam Rowland helps investors .  He is an expert at helping Real Estate Investors generate outstanding cash flow, with little/no money down. If you're interested in trying this unique investment strategy or scaling up and expanding your real estate investing experience, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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