How to find Tired and Frustrated Landlords (TFL’s)
Written by  Cam Rowland on Sept. 19th 2020
So why would someone even care to find a tired and frustrated landlord? 

One of the reasons why you want to find a tired and frustrated landlord as a real estate investor, is this becomes a great deal source for doing no money down deals. What I mean by that is you can help people who are having trouble selling or filling their property. They may not even want to sell right away, but you can structure a deal that's a win, win that you take a headache off of the landlord's hands and you make money off of it. You create a deal for yourself.

I mostly do these deals with $100 (yes, One Hundred dollars) down to secure the deal (make it a legal binding agreement). I have a bunch of paperwork (contracts) and in the process I have already listened to the owner's needs and wants and what their headaches are. And then I'll try to structure the deal that is a win for them as well as it's profitable for myself & my company. This method is a great way to scale (your real estate portfolio), building more properties with no traditional bank financing.

If you know a little bit about me you know I scaled from five doors to over 40 in five years, by doing this method, basically just finding these people.

So this is if you're an investor who can't get bank financing for whatever reason, good, bad, ugly, it doesn't matter. You can't, or maybe you choose that you don't want to get traditional financing, this is a great deal source for that, because you can get into all these properties without qualifying for traditional financing. 

The other way is if you're an investor who has hit your limit in terms of what the banks will lend to you, this is a great opportunity because you don't need banks to do these deals. You're working directly with the owner, with the seller, and you can structure the deal in such a way that is a win-win for both of you.
You don't want to do these deals if they're not profitable. And you don't want to screw people around in terms of only making it only a win for yourself. You won't stay in business very long.
If you are an investor who's got, maybe two, three, four, five, eight doors, but they want to grow to the next level, but the bank is saying no, or you don't have enough of a down payment, this approach (no money down deals) is definitely a way to do it because you can scale up. You can scale by using other people's money and you can scale by working with tired and frustrated landlords.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing my 3 sure fire ways to find Tired and Frustrated Landlords! 

Stay tuned...

Cam Rowland

Cam Rowland helps investors . He is an expert at helping Real Estate Investors generate outstanding cash flow, with little/no money down. If you're interested in trying this unique investment strategy or scaling up and expanding your real estate investing experience, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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